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Full Version: help with angle countertops
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This is my first post, so not really sure if I am doing this correctly.  Wondering if anyone can offer some help.  I have a couple of problems with the kitchen I am designing.  In the back corner is a corner oven unit that is set back and I can't figure out how to angle the countertop so it doesn't jut out in front of the oven.

The second area is the island.  It has a 45 degree angle for the center unit and a lower countertop to sit at.  Again, I need to be able to angle it.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
Rob may be able to correct me, but I have never been able to create an angled counter. I suppose you could do it with some extra walls, but that would be annoying Smile
I just alert the customer to the situation and say I can't do that custom detail in the software, but I can in real life Smile