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Full Version: Removing knobs and pulls on Tall Custom
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Laying out a tall custom for a customer and I'm trying to remove the door and drawer hardware.  For a normal tall cabinet there is a door hardware button, but I don't see it for the tall custom.

There are 'More' and 'Openings' buttons to configure the materials and door/drawer types for the custom, but I can't see the way to remove the knobs and pulls. I attached a screen shot of the menu for the Tall Custom.

Am I doing something wrong or somehow missing the button?

In the General Standards, erase what you have for the hardware for the doors (and drawers also if needed). This is the setting the Tall Custom uses.

OK, That did it.

As I side note, I did have to go into the cabinet and save it to force the re-render in the elevation view. But I'm sure it would have worked the same had I changed views.

Thanks for the prompt response.