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Many drawers - MartinS - 03-20-2020

First let me thank Rob for the pgm and quick turnaround on many answers.  Designed 3 kitchens with program, tweaked pgm and love it.  2 questions. 

1. Using pgm to design workshop cabinets.  Trying to design wide desk (90") with multiple center drawers spanning the whole center section. Can't seem to have more than 1 drawer option.  

2. Is it possible to make a base cabinet with more than 6 drawers? Trying to design a filing cabinet type of structure with pigeon hole slim drawers... 

Thanks for the help if it's possible to achieve any of this.

RE: Many drawers - Landy - 04-10-2020

Check the post from Ford Prather (8/29/218) and look at Rob's rely. Terrific solution !