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Multiple standards settings
I would really like to be able to assign multiple base and upper standards to a single job. For instance, go into base standards setting 1, assign your stile widths etc. Setting 2 assign alternate stile widths, scribes etc., setting 3,4,5 etc. Then drag a lower onto the elevation print and be able to assign a lower standards setting for this cabinet only. I don’t know how many other people build like this but to have all of the different stile widths and scribe info saved and able to be assigned per cabinet would be a real time saver for me. I probably have 6-8 different combinations and reasons to have the cabinet wall flush outside, flush inside, 1/8” back from inside etc. Maybe have a small text box so you could write a description of the setting. I am enjoying the software, I know it will be a time saver once I get it dialed in.

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