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Cabinet Newbie
I'm a 60 year old Christian, husband, father, grandfather, US Navy vet. I've done many things in my life, so I thought I would try something simple for a change, like building cabinets for my wife.  Huh I figured if Norm Abram could do it so could  I. LOL!! I like to have fun doing whatever task I am working on at the time. I think building cabinets for one kitchen, and one kitchen only, should be both challenging and fun.
 I have a few questions, and hope that all you folks that know what you're doing can help an old fella out. LOL
My Grandfather was a Cabinet Builder. My Father was an Estimator/Draftsman. I am a Wood Worker/I can make anything out of wood. I like New Yankee Wood Too!? Don't forget your eye protection!

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