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Add New Appliances?
Greetings, I'm a new user and I purchased the Cabinet Planner software to help me design my basement bar.  Once I went through a few iterations of create/draw a cabinet, place it, etc., I gained some confidence and I've begun to like using the program. 

With that said, I've got a few questions, and if the community doesn't have an answer or workaround, I'll probably contact the publisher.  So, here goes:

  1. Can the program produce pdf files of drawings?  I looked for additional file suffixes in the "Save Picture" function, but only saw "jpeg" listed. 
  2. Is there a way to add new or different appliances?  I'm going to have a kegerator and icemaker in my bar and I'd like to try and be able to accurately account for and depict them in the plans and drawings.
  3. Is there a way to create a cabinet that does not have a face/front?  I looked through the instructions a couple of times, but could not locate anything explicitly covering this.  Again, I want to show all the appliances as accurately as possible in the drawings, right now I'm just showing two two-door cabinets for the space that will be occupied by the four appliances (kegerator, icemaker, wine/beverage chiller and bar fridge -- the last two are represented by generic refrigerators in the drawings) I'll have in my bar.
  4. Is there a way to plan for the tap tower in a kegerator or similar appliance features that will protrude through the countertop?  I could probably create a "sink" as a placeholder with the dimensions, but would prefer to find or figure out a way to do this using the program.
  5. Does the program create things like rails to hang glassware from?  I'm specifically referring to the hanging "rails" (for lack of a better term) used to hang things like martini glasses and other stemware by their base.
I think the program is very functional, and would easily pay for itself when purchased by a professional cabinetmaker or similar contractor.  As far as I'm concerned, it's paid for itself by getting me away from having to have a professional shop design & build the bar cabinets.

Any insight or thoughts that anyone might care to offer are welcome.  Thanks.


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