How to make drawer boxes

The drawers for this base cabinet call for two sides 4” x 22”, two fronts and backs 4” x 8 1/2” and a bottom that is 8 1/2” x 21 1/2”.
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Start by adjusting your table saw’s fence so the outside of the blade is even with the thickness of your drawer box material. Then lower the blade so only 1/4” is sticking up.
setting up table saw for cutting drawer box ends
Then run the two ends and one edge of the sides through the saw. For the fronts and backs just run the bottom edge through.
cutting drawer boxes
You will now have something looking like this.
drawer box side
Adjust the fence over enough to make the bottom groove large enough to accept the bottom snuggly. Then run the bottom groove again for both the sides and the fronts and backs.

Now stand one of the sides up next to the blade and adjust the height so it will cut off the little extra block and then set the fence to 1/4” (or as needed) and cut the two ends of each side.
cutting drawer box end
If all went right you should have four pieces that looks like this.
drawer box parts
Glue and nail two sides and one of the fronts & backs. Then slide in the bottom and then glue and nail the remaining front & back.
assembling drawer box
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