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You need to enter a job name before you can create any cabinets or walls. The name you enter in line #1 will be the name the job is saved as. Lines 2 and 3 can be used for the customers address or a brief description of the job.

After saving a cabinet or opening a job, a list of cabinets for that job will be printed on both sides of the main window. The list on the left can be printed along with any material lists after they have been calculated. Press the printer button with 'LIST' under it. The list of cabinets on the right is used to open cabinets for editing.

To open a job, click the File menu and select Open or click the Open button on the tool bar. A list of saved jobs will be given to choose from. You can either single click the job name and then press the Open button or just double click on the job name.

To delete a job select Delete from the file menu. A list of saved jobs will be given to choose from. You will be asked to confirm your choice before it is permanently deleted.

To delete a cabinet from a saved job, you will need to open that cabinets shop drawing and press the delete button on the drawing. Once a cabinet has been deleted from a job, the list of cabinets for that job will say that cabinet number is empty.

To print all the shop drawings for a job, click the printer button with 'S P' (shop plans) under it. To print the shop plan for only one cabinet, open that cabinet and press the Print button on the shop drawing screen.

To make a duplicate of a saved cabinet, open the original cabinet and click Save. You will be asked if you want to replace the existing cabinet or use the next available cabinet number. Click the Next # button and the cabinet will be saved as the next number.

When a cabinet is saved and reopened, the program will apply the standards that were in use when the cabinet was created. Some of the more common standards can be changed by pressing the More button in the cabinet editing window. If you need to make a change to something that is not in the More window you will need to delete the cabinet and re-plan it with the changed settings.

Saving, Opening, Printing and Deleting jobs