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How do I use the free trial?

To use the free trial, click the “Free Trial” button in the first window that opens when you double click the icon on your desktop. Each time the program is opened and closed counts as one use. You will only get 10 uses in the free trial so be sure to look through the on-line manual and the in-program Help file before you go too far.

The verification number you gave me is not working. What should I do?

First, verify that you sent me the correct number. Next, make sure you are entering it exactly. If you enter the wrong number 10 times the program will reset the product number for the installation and you will need to get a new verification number. This part of the program was run through a cycle of 100,000 tests to ensure it works correctly so if there is a problem, it is most likely a typing error.

When I tried to install it on my other it says the verification number is wrong. Why?

Each installation of the program creates a unique product number and needs to be registered separately. And no, this does not mean you need to purchase a new license for each installation.

Does this program have a panel optimizer built into it?

Yes, a panel optimizer was added to the program with the release of Version 4. (Disabled during free trial)

Will this program give 3D views?


Will this program give me CNC output?

DXF file output for the panel optimizer has been added to the program. (Disabled during free trial)

Can I plan some cabinets without doors?

Yes, all door opening have the choice of 0, 1 or 2 doors.

Some of my elevation views are too large to fit on the paper when I print them.

This will happen if the cabinets do not fit completely on the wall. If they extend beyond the ends of the wall, you need to make the wall longer.

When I downloaded the upgrade and tried to install it, I received an error that a file could not be deleted.

This is caused by not having the program and/or the Help File closed before installing the upgrade. Windows will not let you delete or replace a file that is in use.

If I purchase the program now, what kind of future upgrades can I expect? And when?

This is caused by have Data Execution Prevention (DEP) enabled for all programs on your computer. The default setting is only for essential Windows programs and services. Please follow the link below for instructions to properly configure you system in order to run the program.

If I pay you extra can I get a certain feature added to the program?

Currently DXF output is being added to the Panel Optimizer for use with CNC's. After that there will be a few small additions but the program has just about reached the limit of what can be added.

How many computers can I install this on?

No, that would fall under the category of an upgrade which are always free. If would like to have something added, let me know, and if it is doable I will add it to my list of future upgrade ideas.

Where is the SAVE button that I see on almost every other program?

You may install the program on up to 3(three) computers only. That means you will only receive 3 verification numbers total. If you need to re-install the program for any reason, I will issue a new verification number and void the previous one.

Should I buy the trial version, the CD version or the download version?

This program doesn't use the conventional Save button as seen in other programs. Instead, it saves everything as you create it. It is set up this way so that if you have a power failure or (god forbid) the program crashes, you will not lose any of your work. There is nothing worse than losing several hours of work and having to start all over.

Does this program work with metric?

Well, there is only one version of the program. It has a built in free trial period which lets you run the program 10 times with the printing and parts sizes disabled. Other than that I always recommend buying just the download. It is available 24/7 and is always the most up to date release. Either way, each and every installation of the program needs to be registered to unlock the trial period.

Will this program work on a Mac?

Yes, the first time it is run (and only the first time) you will see a setup window. In this window you can choose to have the program convert all the default sizes to metric. It will only work in MM's