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Adds rounded corners on counter tops
Adds ability to import multiple cabinets at one time
Adds a speaker panel door
Adds a "quick cabinet selection" window to help speed up creating jobs
Adds farm sink and sink cutout option for countertop
Adds bottom drawer option to the sink base
Adds flat panel option to raised panels
Adds beaded doors
Adds a Font setting for the program display
Adds bar fridge
Adds metric/standard convertor
Adds printing option for shop plan printing problem
Changes dxf drawer guide holes from arcs to circles
Fixes Tall Cabinet parts adjustment settings
Adds a label printing setup window with additional adjustments
Changes dxf shelf holes from arcs to circles
Fixes a 3d display issue with frameless lazy susans
Fixes the printer font when printing contents of main window
Fixes an issue with drawing the soffit in the elevation view
Fixes an issue with label printing
Fixes an issue with the 'save as' function
Fixes an issue with the 3D not closing properly
Fixes a fuzzy printing issue
Fixes bitmap transferring for Object files
Fixes an issue with the dxf file output
Fixes an issue with Pullout pricing
Adds option to show text on Floor Plan to elevation text
Fixes an error when creating a solid image for the 3d
Adds French door option for the refrigerator
Adds parts size adjustments for all parts

Beaded doors
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